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Rebirthing Our Democracy


Why do we need to rebirth our Democracy? Answer, because our Democracy was hijacked at birth under Section 51 item IV of our Constitution, which gives the power to our government to borrow money on the public credit of the Commonwealth of Australia. The question to ask here is why would our government borrow money at interest from private banks which write money into existence from thin air or nowhere, to fund its policies. This means our MPs represent the private banks, not we the voters! We, the voters, have been conned by a fraudulent and corrupt English banking system and a flaw in our Constitution since its birth in 1901! This borrowed money becomes Australia’s national debt, for you and your children to pay back. 
If our Australian Constitution was amended to give our democratically elected government the power to write its own money supply into existence through its Treasury, then like a private bank the government would also be able to write that money out of existence having paid the beneficiaries, incurring no public debt and no interest. I discovered all this information while researching my book,

Its time to kick the money changers out of our Temple of Democracy.
When I discovered this flaw in our Constitution, I wrote about twenty emails and letters to our current PM Morrison and all Australia’s State and Federal Attorney Generals and the High Court of Australia. The High Court said I should mount a challenge, hence my letters to our Attorney Generals and PM. I had only two responses. One from South Australian and Tasmanian Attorney Generals who said they would not intervene in a High Court challenge. On the 3rd of December 2021 I sent a 11-page submission to the Australian Federal Police asking them to investigate my assertions and charge our banks with fraud and PM Morrison and his government with treason, because that is exactly what it is Treason!

“It is well that the citizens of our nation don’t understand our banking and financial systems because if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” Henry Ford. 

While Ford wrote this about America it applies to every democracy in our world. The last thing we need however is a revolution. For many people would die and the banks get richer, for they buy the guns and bullets in revolutions!

The good news is we don’t need a revolution now, because we have a sustainable forever business model called Spiritual-Busyness, which reflects the true spirit of our democracy! Our Commonwealth of Australia.

The, for the people, by the people, of the people type of democracy that Abraham Lincoln espoused. Spiritual-Busyness was specifically created to create monetary wealth in our communities, for our communities, locally/globally through our daily busyness, using people and money. 

The Spiritual-Busyness model is intelligent, creative, and unique, just like you! It was created for you to express your unique creative nature in a monetary economy. It is a 49/51 equity owned franchised co-operative model, which eliminates the them and us syndrome, because everyone involved in the future networks are shareholders in busynesses they love doing. Love being the keyword here.

Furthermore, the dynamic nature of Spiritual-Busyness gives the model an exponential, by exponential growth base. What this means is, that an existing Spiritual-Busyness busyness could fund and train an entirely new busyness stream while having no financial interest in the new stream, for the Constitution of Spiritual-Busyness forbids ownership or financial interest in a new busyness that you are not a partner in. The model fosters creative expression in birthing community busynesses.

In a 4 corners (ABC television) documentary a few years ago, at the time of the underground bombings in London, cutting edge thinking coming from MI6, (the British Intelligence Service) was the best counter to terrorism was the creation of community!
As a model Spiritual-Busyness is an all-inclusive model, of race, gender, and culture! It generates unprecedented cash flows, primarily due to a new busyness distinction in its franchising component. That new distinction is that everyone in any future Spiritual-Busyness busyness network is paid on the 49/51% equity basis of their respective shareholding, 49 or 51% of the franchising fee for teaching new busyness shareholders, in their existing busyness. The teaching role is the new distinction, along with the goods and services provided. The franchising aspect also gives the model its exponential-by-exponential growth base. 

The model comes complete with its own transformational workshop, called Life is Not a Competition, Life just is, Let life Flow (LNC). LNC was created to take people from where they are in their current mindset about business to where they could be quickly, with a team of people having fun in their daily busyness.
Something else I would like to say about the Spiritual-Busyness model is that it is ultra-democratic and has a watertight and flawless Constitution. It is far more democratic than our democracy and is really about creating, loving dynamic communities throughout our nation, where, kindness, compassion, intelligence, and respect are the order of the day, due to the models, co-operative nature. It uses people and the symbol money to achieve that end. While revolutionary in our world of our daily busyness it is not rocket science!

Now I want to speak a bit about money and what I know about it!

The first thing I want to say is that every person on our planet today was born into a monetary economy. In that we had no choice. What we do have a choice in is the shape of our monetary economy. I am proposing a new shape with an old spirit. That spirit is love, for human beings thrive on love and survive on its absence, as does our environment. 

If the engine that drives our communities in a monetary economy is money, then money and politics need to be about love and abundance for all. When I say abundance, I am not speaking about excessive wealth, I am speaking about dignity, respect, caring, compassion, and kindness, which are all human virtues. Where all those human needs including virtues are met in a monetary economy. Money is not a human virtue, it is a language, a symbol, and it is a symbolic language of scarcity for much of humanity. Oxfam UK says there are nine people in our world with more wealth than half our world’s population.
Do you realise that your bank never lends money, they write new money into existence and call it credit through a banking practice called Fractional Reserve Lending? Go and ask your bank manager if that is true, like I did with mine, nine months ago? In my conversation with my bank manager, I said. “If our government had the power to write into existence its own money supply, they could pay the Job Keeper and Job Seeker benefits to the beneficiaries and then write the money out of existence again. This way there would be no public debt on the 300 billion dollars and no interest to pay. I went on, if our government were really serious about saving our economy, they could write into existence 300 trillion dollars to save our economy if that is what it took.” My bank manager agreed with every thing I said.
I call Fractional Reserve Lending by its truer name, which is Fraud, Rorting and Looting? The intention of creating a new banking system would transform the current banks version of the symbol money to a community version value of Freedom, Reverence and Liberty, for all of life. Which is much more in accord with the idea and values of democracy in my understanding.   

If we want to put food on our table, by and large we need money. Or petrol in our car, more money. Ditto for electricity in our homes. Our current cost of living has soared lately as we all know. This in part is due to a war in Ukraine and the recent Covid 19 Pandemic, we are told. 

We are also told we live in a market economy, but I challenge that fact, we live in a manipulated economy. It is manipulated by the banks who control the money supply which comes from nowhere. Our Federal Treasurer Mr Josh Frydenberg MP has just bought down his budget and of course his aim is to have a balanced budget, a budget in the black as the saying goes, which means income (tax) matching expenses. Currently it is deeply in the red. To have the balance occur there needs to be full employment we are told.

But is full employment needed for a balanced budget? No. Why not? Because of the flaw in our Constitution. We are all working for a private banking cartel as it stands, trying to pay of our trillion-dollar debt to them. It only has to be this way while our government continue to borrow money to finance their policies with money that comes from nowhere, rather than write their own money supply into existence. Money as it stands is all smoke and mirrors thanks to our fraudulent government and banks.

The main benefit for the government of writing its own money supply into existence is, like private banks, they could write it out of existence again, having paid the benefits to the beneficiaries. Certainly, this act would be inflationary under current economic modelling, but I am not talking about current economic modelling here. The Spiritual-Busyness model changes all that stupidity. This act would incur no public debt and no interest, because if the money doesn’t exist anymore, it can’t be a debt and can’t incur interest. (Compound interest by the way is about paying interest on interest.) 
This act alone would balance our budget Mr Frydenberg MP. Respectfully, Mr Frydenberg you are conning yourself and the Australian voters! No disrespect intended. You are probably a really nice man. 

When elected, the first thing I would apply the Spiritual-Busyness model to would be a new banking industry, resulting in interest free loans to everyone. Instead, borrowers would pay an annual fee for service of the symbol money, which would vary according to the risk involved. This would result in a saving of about 75% of the cost of your house price over the loan period in interest. Concurrently we would also start a house building busyness to address the shortage of houses issues!

Your government would have a budget in a permanent state of balance and surplus with this Constitutional amendment to address all the monetary issues that confront our nation. From climate change, aged care, first nation people issues, the 1.2 million Australian children who live below the poverty line to name a few. A poverty line is an absence of money issue and money comes from nowhere! Why, is there any poverty then? 

Spiritual-Busyness as a model is neither capitalistic nor socialistic. It is something else. It is really about healing our communities from the ravages of human greed and knowing fun and joy in our lives! Spiritual-Busyness would actually give the Fraud Rorting and Looting banking version of writing money into existence authenticity. Spiritual-Busyness is about people empowering people, empowering people, empowering people, in their daily busyness.
It is a paradigm shifter!

Love and blessings to all, Alex Graham.

Your Interdependent candidate for Ballarat.

Vote with your heart, mind, and soul, for a better future for all Australians.

Some Policy

Firstly, to initiate the referendum then….

  • Start a new banking system using the Spiritual-Busyness model, that charges no interest on loans, just a fee for service.


  • Fully fund aged care and start a new aged care busyness with the Spiritual-Busyness model where our aged care residents are loved, and experience being loved.


  • Start a Spiritual-Busyness busyness to address our First Nation peoples concerns. I don’t profess to know the full extent of those concerns, but some obvious ones are, poverty, discrimination, high unemployment, and high incarceration in Australia’s prison system. Effectively the Spiritual-Busyness model would allow for self-determination in their busynesses, as it would for all Australians, for it is an inclusive model.

  • To introduce an appropriate and respectful universal living wage for people who don’t want to be busy. These people could be anyone, they could unemployed, they could be disabled, or unwell, or they could simply not want to be busy for no reason whatsoever.


  • Fully address and fund all Climate Change issues with implementation of cutting-edge technologies many of which could generate full employment in our local communities using the Spiritual-Busyness model. I have access to a lot of that cutting edge technology.


  • The government fully compensate all people who lost money due to their Covid lockdowns that resulted in busyness failures or people who lost business as a result.


  • Introduction of Federal ICAC. That is the Federal integrity Commission.


  • No to all career politicians.


  • Fully fund the issue of child poverty to abolish it forever.


  • Total ban on corporate lobbyists in Canberra and MP’s offices. All public negotiations regarding government grants will be recorded, both video and audio, including Spiritual Busyness ones.


  • Total ban on pork barrelling. Any MP found to be doing this activity will be charged with a criminal offence.

  • With regard to Covid 19 Mandates. Firstly, I am pro-choice and secondly, I am anti-mandates in all their forms, for they are undemocratic, un-Constitutional, and un-lawful. Further, I will stand for all community members who have lost work (employment) due to State imposed Mandates be fully compensated financially by the federal government, ongoingly for any financial losses incurred by State imposed Mandates.

Vote 1 Alex Graham your Interdependent candidate for Ballarat, for a referendum to amend our flawed constitution
Get Involved

I am inviting the voters in the Ballarat Electorate to express any ideas that you may have for a new business idea, that you are really passionate about and want to see that business in other communities across Australia. When I am elected as your representative, I will help you start your business idea/s, using the Spiritual-Busyness model with government funding for your idea. Please leave your contact details in the space provided, so we can connect.

If you have any ideas or suggestions about government services needing to be fulfilled, then once again please leave use the contact form at the bottom of this page or via Facebook so we can connect.


My letter to Catherine King M.P. Ballarat, to which I received an apology for Sarah's rudeness and absolutely no mention of any of the issues I raised, which I thought would have been in both Labor and the Liberals best interests along the community of Ballarat that they say they represent!

Vote 1 Alex Graham - Your independent candidate for Ballarat

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